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Hello I'm Winny

I am a barre instructor.

Meet Winny, On Good Ground’s resident energizer bunny! She believes in greeting life with a smile, because why sulk when you get to live this life with a choice every day?

A professional performer and dancer, Winny is constantly finding ways to further improve her skills in order to prolong her physically active career. This inspired her to find a balance between both dance and fitness, which led her to the practice of barre. To her, being able to combine the graceful moves in ballet with the elements of Pilates and mindfulness, is truly the best of all worlds.

Being grounded to Winny means to find that space of stillness in being fully present in the moment, while fully experiencing everything that’s going on; the music, the movement, the energy all in one.

Her classes are inspired by the “mind over body” theory, so you’re in for an endurance and strength-training treat as well as endless smiles & laughter 😉 Ps. You’re most definitely welcomed to not laugh at her silly jokes! Winny is also inspired to share the fundamentals of ballet while sweating it out – providing us all a chance to live our little ballerina dreams.

Outside of barre, Winny loves to dance, move, and walk while listening to her favorite podcasts. You are also likely to find her by the beach with a good book, or doodling and writing things down. Depending on her mood, she may opt for a cuppa joe or glass of wine – but you know you can’t go wrong with either!

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