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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Aishah

I am a yoga instructor.

An introverted extrovert, Aishah loves to be with people and things that inspire her. While you may occasionally find her alone during her personal workouts or at work breaks, she tends to surround herself around people exchanging ideas and stories, doing anything ranging from hiking, dining to even terrazzo making or pottery classes!

Being grounded means being aware of her body and mind, being present and connected to the earth, to the people who matter, and to events that nourish her. It is akin to being a big oak tree with strong roots that reach deep into the earth, being centered and balanced no matter how strong the wind blows or how hard the sun shines. 

To Aishah, barre isn’t just about being beautiful and graceful. It is also about the unseen inner strength and endurance you can cultivate in the practice which you can transfer to your daily life. Besides being a total body workout, barre challenges your coordination and mental focus, and also improves your posture. Not to forget, the yummy stretch at the end which targets your flexibility as well!

Outside of barre, you will find Aishah immersing herself in all that nature has to offer, experimenting with new plant-based recipes & transforming her apartment into a mini jungle.


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