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Hello I'm Bell

I am a yoga instructor.

It all started as an alternative fitness Bell picked up as a way to resole her incessant migraines. Slowly, she began to witness yoga releasing pent-up energy in her body that she never knew existed. Now, yoga has completely infiltrated Bell’s life with its meditative, loving values that taught her how to embrace her body in a new way. Yoga helped her to meet herself again. 

As a teacher, Bell hopes to share that the spirit of yogic values is not only present on the mat but also in everyday life. She wants people to know that you do not need to have a six-pack, chiseled biceps and be bendy in order to practice yoga. No matter your shape, size, color – you can practice yoga. A person in headstand and wheel certainly could be a yogi, but a person who skipped a yoga class out of kindness to help a colleague through a difficult project, is also a yogi. 

You can expect her classes to be soothing and contemplative with hints of yogic mythology, water metaphors, and pop culture references! It’s a safe space with zero judgement and complete acceptance of where your body and practice is at. 

Aside from practicing yoga, Bell fuels her adrenaline rush by hiking or mountain climbing. You may also find her spending too much time on Netflix watching Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and whatever hot, tearjerker K-drama is on at the moment. 

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