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Hello I'm Candice

I am a barre and yoga instructor.

Candice embarked on her yoga journey as a way to stay active whilst maintaining a corporate job. Having trained in classical ballet as well as competitive sports, she has a strong affinity to movement and expression, and was immediately drawn to the dynamism and flow of vinyasa yoga. 

It was only as her practice gradually deepened that she discovered the deep meditative quality of yoga. Each time back on the mat offered an opportunity to slow down, to tune inwards, and to breathe with intention. Yoga quickly evolved from a form of workout to an exploration of mind-body awareness and a practice of introspection. She firmly believes in listening to one’s body, and that self-care is of utmost importance in an asana practice, as it is in the ebb and flow of life. 

Candice’s classes emphasize on mindful movement and safe alignment with an intrinsic focus on the breath. She believes that yoga is for everyone at every stage in life, and recognizes that it is a great privilege to hold space and share her love for yoga with others through teaching. 

Beyond the mat, Candice loves to explore new recipes in the kitchen, indulge in a good read or to simply be in the company of the people she loves.

Instructor Candice

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