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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Carmen

I am a yoga instructor.

Fond of seeking adventures, Carmen is a nature-loving, happy-go-lucky person with a zest for life, open to the forces of the universe! Carmen believes that yoga is a personal practice of the body, breath and mind. While yoga can provide her moments of peace, it also gives her the opportunity to confront herself. 

In Carmen’s classes, you will find her encouraging you to bring awareness back to your body, breath and mind. Accessible with many options to suit your comfort level and conducted in a nurturing tone, she values providing a safe space for you to be yourself, and to get to know yourself better. She believes that we can all give ourselves the wonderful gift of turning inwards and getting to know ourselves better, instead of turning outwards and reacting with the world around us. 

Outside of class, Carmen loves to hike. To Carmen, hiking is a form of walking meditation – all that matters is her, her body, breath and mind and the trail in front of her. Some of the places she has been to are Mount Elbrus in Russia and Everest Base Camp in Nepal! 

A vegetarian foodie, Carmen would love to eat grilled vegetables for the rest of her life – switching it up with a whole range of different veggies, spices, seasonings and dips. Yum! 

Instructor Carmen

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