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          Yoga & Barre


In this special class, be guided and immerse yourself in an introspective Yin and sound bath practice — journey through the 7 chakras physically to your deeper self. The integrated practice of yin yoga and sound bath supports a journey of self-exploration and inner connection. 

Regulate the body’s nervous system by pausing in yin poses to release fascia (deep connective tissues), physical tension, mental stress; activating the body’s rest and digest system. Experience the numerous benefits of sound bath towards the end of practice; such as deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, enhanced meditation, increased self-awareness, emotional release, and balancing of energy centers (chakras). 

The Full Moon is a great time to expand our receptivity — to take the light and awareness of spirit into our physical and emotional body. It is also a time to release negativity, and seen as a time of celebration and harvest, possibly of any intentions set during the new moon cycle. Our intention on this day and practice is to reset; feel, release and receive with a mindfully curated Yin practice 

Take the time to slow down; let your yoga practice meet you at where you are.


Sarah is dedicated to enhancing collective well-being through yoga and mindfulness, which she sees as vital to living an authentic and full life. Her approach integrates physical, energetic, spiritual and healing aspects of yoga, and the invitation to explore new ways of being present, empowering practitioners both on and off the mat. 

Starting her yoga journey at 17 to manage stress and back pain from scoliosis, Sarah has deepened her practice over the past decade to include somatics and sound healing, reflecting her personal recovery from chronic depression and anxiety. Certified in trauma-aware yoga, she offers a holistic approach in her classes, rooted in breath and alignment. Currently, she is deepening her studies and expertise in Pre/postnatal Yoga, Yin/Restorative Yoga, pelvic floor health, and meditation. Sarah’s mission is to inspire and empower practitioners to cultivate self-connection and inner tools for personal and collective well-being. 

“Effort and surrender”. Show up; do the work — celebrate what has been done well, feel what didn’t meet expectations. Let it go. Repeat.  Let your yoga practice meet you at where you are. 

22 June, 2024 Saturday
4.30pm – 5.45pm

Per Pax: $30


  • Please note that the event is non-refundable.
  • Should you be unable to make it and would like to transfer your spot to someone else, please email hello@ongoodground.com at least 48h prior to the event.



Introduction to Chakras


Yin Postures


Variations and modifications for daily life


Balancing & Nourishing


This 75 minute session includes pranayama (breathwork), somatic and sound meditation, and the use of crystal singing bowls at a sound bath at the end of our yin practice. The sound vibrations will support us in experiencing deepened states of relaxation during the practice


Bring along a shawl or jacket and socks if you’re sensitive to cold. Be hydrated: water is available for refill at the studio. 

Optional: Have a journal (physical one is recommended) and pen handy with you, to pen down any reflection and thoughts after practice. You’ll enter into a phone-free session with prompts to guide you towards an introspective physical practice. 

No experience required. Curiosity and an open mind are welcome.

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