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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Clarissa

I am a barre instructor.

Known for her beautiful lines and graceful form, it is no surprise that Clarissa started her ballerina journey at the young age of 3. Led by her passion, she has never taken a pause on it since then. She is a lover of the arts, an athlete and also definitely one of the most ballsy women you will ever come across.

To Clarissa, having a practice means making a commitment to herself, and pursuing a consistent state of physical and mental well being. Her practice has also matured with age as she finds herself paying more attention to making each movement and transition purposeful. When she first found barre, she loved the burn, pumped music and the whole works of it. Yet throughout her years of teaching and exploration, she has rediscovered the benefits of finding grace in each execution. She has never loved these forms of movements more than she does now, and is so excited to share.

Outside of barre, Clarissa can be found creating art while listening to her favourite music genres – rock, pop-punk or blues. She currently runs Feudal Crafts which aims to share the love of organic Japanese dyes and the wabi-sabi culture.



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