On Good Ground

Hello I'm Ger!

I am a yoga instructor.

Geraldine started her yoga journey in California in 2010 with Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga in Santa Monica. Through her University days, the only workout she kept consistent with was yoga so when she moved back to Singapore, she brought her love of yoga with her and decided to become an instructor. 

Through the years of practicing yoga, it has helped her promote the development of her own mental, physical and spiritual power and consciousness. Through regular practice, yoga has helped her cultivate mental discipline, which became part of her routine not just in yoga but in other aspects of her life like her work, habits and lifestyle.

Her classes are geared toward strong flows inspired by the Ashtanga lineage, which integrates strength, flexibility, concentration, and contemplation through a series of traditional postures linked together through breath and movement. 

Aside from practicing yoga, Geraldine spends most of her time travelling, learning random new things online and watching TV shows. She is a big fan of anything sci-fi and fantasy so if you have a good recommendation, please DM her. She is also addicted to green tea 😉


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