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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Grace

I am a barre instructor.

Passionate about becoming a better version of herself everyday, barre is Grace’s choice of exercise – a life-changing healthy mind and body workout! Being apprehensive of barre at first, she can’t dance to save her life, she was pulled by a good friend for her barre class – and the rest is history. Now apart from improving her posture, muscle strengthening and increased flexibility, barre has helped grow Grace’s mental strength, stress management and focus by heaps. It’s no wonder that she is unabashedly addicted to barre!

Her classes focus on form and technique so that you get the best barre burn in the targeted muscle groups. With high reps of small precise movements and dynamic barre-specific moves, definitely expect to break some serious sweat while sculpting your body and toning that booty! 

Outside of barre, you may find Grace petting every dog she passes by at the park or enjoying creative works such as graphic designing and making artisanal clay jewelry for her very own shop. 

Grace chooses cai fan if she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life – pairing steamed egg with okras topped with a generous pour of curry gravy. But when she is not eating cai fan, Grace also enjoys eating extremely spicy food. So if you’re up for a challenge over a mala-pot, Grace has not met her match! 

Instructor Grace

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