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          Yoga & Barre

Introduction to Classical Ballet


Known for her beautiful lines and graceful form, it is no surprise that Clarissa started her ballerina journey at the young age of 3. Led by her passion, she has never taken a pause on it since then. She is a lover of the arts, an athlete and also definitely one of the most ballsy women you will ever come across. 

Clarissa pays attention to making each movement and transition purposeful. Through her years of teaching and exploration, she has rediscovered the benefits of finding grace in each execution. She has never loved these forms of movements more than she does now, and is so excited to share.

Every Sunday, 130pm – 230pm
• 13 March 2022
• 20 March 2022
• 27 March 2022
• 3 April 2022





Basic Arm Positions


Fundamental Footwork


Foundational Ballet Movements


Movement Coordination


Poise & Elegance


Suitable for those seeking to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of ballet – a central tenet of all things barre -, and those looking to add that extra element of grace and elegance in their barre practice. 

Starting every Sunday from mid-March, the workshop will cover the following over a course of 4 weeks:

13 March, 130pm – 230pm 
I – Floor
• Basic ballet warm-up – stretch like a dancer
• Finding your pointe
Port de bras
• Feet positioning and transfer of weight

20 March, 130pm – 230pm 
II – Barre
• Fundamental ballet footwork
• Foundation barre exercises

27 March, 130pm – 230pm
III – Centre
Adage – Slow and extensive movements performed in fluidity and ease, balancing grace, line and poise
Petite Allégro – Bright and brisk movements achieving lightness, smoothness and ballon

3 April, 130pm – 230pm
IV – Centre II

Grand Allégro – Big and majestic movements combining power, control and elegance
• Ballet choreography

No background in ballet or dance is required.
Please note that this event is non-refundable.


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