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          Yoga & Barre

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Little Palm Trees Yoga

Root & Flourish On Good Ground


Weekly Kids Yoga

AGE 4 - 6

Weekly Kids Yoga

AGE 4 - 6

Weekly Kids Yoga

AGE 7 - 11

Our Kids Yoga classes are on its way, and we are currently collecting expressions of interest from potential parents.

We understand that you may have questions about the dates and details of the training, but as of now, the dates are yet to be confirmed.

However, if you are interested in participating, we encourage you to get in touch and express your interest. This will help us gauge the demand for the program and plan accordingly. Please note that expressing your interest does not obligate you to enroll in the training, but it helps us to have an idea of the number of participants who are interested. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Instructor Biography

Carmen Kee has been a school teacher since 2013, with experience in both primary and secondary school. In 2020, she was certified as a yoga teacher and has been teaching weekly at On Good Ground since 2021. In 2022, she underwent additional training to be a kids yoga teacher as it was a great overlap of her two teaching worlds!

Carmen loves the curiosity and creativity of children. She appreciates how they are learning something new every day!

In her Kids Yoga classes, she aims to offer kids the opportunity to explore and discover their body, breath and mind. Through careful guidance, she will lead them through simple breathing techniques that build focus and mindfulness. Her goal is to facilitate fun and safe movement, but also calm and restful relaxation, building a holistic and wholesome experience for all.



We believe that yoga is a practice for all ages and is especially beneficial for children embarking on their journeys in life.


At On Good Ground, yoga is offered to children to encourage exploration of movement and breath within safe boundaries. Our intention is for them to establish strong and healthy bodies and minds, as well as rootedness in their identities so that they are poised to flourish in a kind and loving environment.

Benefits of Yoga

We aim to equip them with a mind and body connection from a young age, while introducing fun and laughter through movement to appeal to their natural playfulness and sense of wonder. In cultivating mindfulness and awareness of breath, yoga helps children to regulate their emotions and offers them the appropriate tools to cope with life’s transitions as well as the situations they face in their everyday lives.

What we offer

In our small group classes, children will interact with others within their age range to learn yoga under the close observation and nurturing guidance of our experienced childhood educators. In sharing their light with others, we hope to cultivate empathy and compassion in them as they do in one another.