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          Yoga & Barre

The New Moon is a powerful time to set uplifting intentions, as it is when the rooting force is strongest. Our intention on this moon day is to revitalize, and find clarity and steadiness with a Yin Yang session. 

Have your journal with you as we’ll begin with a mini reflection and intention setting before practice.


Blending together two styles of yoga and contrasting energies into one practice — the dynamic and energising qualities of Yang, and the slow-paced and introspective nature of Yin. The practice begins with an active and dynamic flow of Yang poses with a focus on strength, flexibility and energy shifting. Following is a series of gentle and passive Yin poses that target the connective tissues of the body promoting flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness. 

Sit together in collective stillness to close the practice, restoring your body and mind. 


“Effort and surrender”. Show up and do the work — celebrate what has been done well, feel what didn’t meet expectations. Let it go. Repeat. Keep showing up on the mat and in life. 

Sarah sees the physical, energetic, spiritual and healing lessons of yoga as essential to living a fullest life. Her classes center around the breath and transitions, as well as invitations to be open and curious to new ways into being present. This same curiosity guides her teaching approach, and she hopes to inspire practitioners on the mat to be empowered in their minds and bodies.


“To be soft is to be powerful” is Gabby’s belief in every aspect of life.

Her approach to yoga is to focus on awareness and breath, without judgment or comparison while honoring your limitations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, she welcomes you to join her classes with an open mind and heart, ready to explore the inner dimensions of the practice.

20 May, 2023 Saturday
4.30pm – 6.30pm

Per Pax: $49




Journaling / Reflection


Dynamic & Passive practice


Sharing Circle




Both beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcomed. Suitable for all levels.

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