On Good Ground

Hello I'm Nicole

I am a yoga instructor.

A friendly teacher and a mother herself, Nicole loves to extend and share her experience in yoga through teaching. Nicole believes that the beauty of a yoga practice is in its ability to evolve and grow, and that it will show up as what you need at the moment in time. Yoga has been the one most consistent element that has kept Nicole grounded, and helped her embrace the various shifts and changes in her life. Her own yoga practice has evolved and grown from a physical practice to one that is more meditative, delving deeper and inward. 

Nicole loves guiding students through their own journeys, and you can expect her classes to be strong, playful and grounding. 

When she is not teaching, Nicole loves to spend time with her baby and explore new cafes and eateries – relishing in a plate of truffle fires, a flat white or a simple glass of wine! Originally from Sydney, Australia, she also loves to travel back to visit family and friends. 

If you are a dog-lover, Nicole will be no stranger to you. Her dog, Socks, is by no coincidence, the cutest Maltipoo ever! 

Instructor Nicole

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