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          Yoga & Barre


          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Rebecca

I am a barre instructor.

Known to be quite the energizer bunny, Rebecca fell in love with barre the very first time she tried it in Sydney. Growing up as a dancer, Rebecca finds herself very much in her own element when practicing barre – a mix of ballet, stretches, cardio, pilates and yoga. Barre has done so much to condition her physical strength and she is grateful that it is now an integral part of her life. 

Rebecca’s classes are good vibes all around, coupled with witty jokes (up to your own discretion) and a pretty awesome playlist she concocted up herself. So don’t be fooled by the inevitable soreness after class, you’ll find yourself a great time and coming back for more! 

Like many others, travelling is on Rebecca’s list of to-dos once the world allows for it again. But as of now, Rebecca occupies herself by painting, creating videos and going on slow evening drives with a car boot full of food! 

Unable to decide between a deer and a puppy as her favorite animal, Rebecca would name her goldie Bambi if she had the chance to!  

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