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Hello I'm Selena

I am a yoga instructor.

Selena’s yoga journey began when she was 17. For the 15 years that followed, her yoga practice was nothing more than a way to get fit and flexible. It wasn’t until a chance yoga class in Bali with Les Leventhal when she realised that yoga could also offer something deeper, truer, more.

For the first time ever, a yoga class brought her not just calmness and clarity, but also to tears. Truly, in the words of her teacher, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

After completing her yoga teacher training in 2021, she now hopes to help yogis find that same sense of steadiness and clarity within, whether it’s through a fast-moving Vinyasa Flow, or a slower, stretchier Gentle Flow.

In each of Selena’s classes, you’ll be reminded of the same few things:

  • That the goal is not to do every single pose — the goal is to let nothing steal your peace.
  • To welcome everything as part of your practice, as part of the work on yourself. Every latecomer, every distraction. Every celebration, every setback. Everything you see, hear, smell and feel has shown up in class, just for you. 
  • To focus only on yourself, not what anyone else can or cannot do; and to choose the option that is right for you.

Practise the art of letting nothing steal your peace at Selena’s Sunday classes at On Good Ground. Vinyasa Flow to challenge your strength, stamina and balance, and Gentle Flow for a slower practice, filled with juicy stretches, deep breaths and mindful movement.


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