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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Chin

I am a barre instructor.

As someone who loves new experiences, a leap of faith 4 years back led Chin to sign up for her first barre class, and from there on she never looked back. What she thought wouldn’t break a sweat was the most fun and unforgettable workout she experienced. Passionate about fitness and intrigued about the famous “barre” buzz that inspired her, today she is glad to say she is a 100% “barre enthusiast”! 

She firmly believes barre is for anybody and enjoys inspiring others to pursue wellness and kickstart their fitness journey, no matter what level of fitness they are at. She loves incorporating simple movements in her classes, but no doubt those simple yet graceful movements will challenge your body and mind, at the same time give you that “burn” you didn’t even know exist yet. So welcome anyone who is curious about ‘’barre” to go on this journey with her, just like how she did!

Outside of barre, Chin’s a glutton, and some know her to have a sweet tooth, who can’t resist a good scoop of matcha ice cream. On other days, she loves a good pint of ice-cold beer with her family and friends!  When she’s not being a foodie, it’s all about chasing Chinese dramas and being the occasional couch potato – you can’t go wrong with both living in the hustle and bustle of sunny Singapore! Come to get to know her, barre fam!

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