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Hello I'm Grace

I am a yoga, pilates and barre instructor.

Grace started her yoga journey when she was 16. She is a very active person. Despite her interest in adrenaline pumping sports such as riding & skiing, the mat helps her stay focused and connect with her body.  

Grace completed her yoga teacher training in 2009 and has been teaching full-time since 2015. She takes special interest to body anatomy. She always reminds her students that yoga is not about using the body to get into any particular poses but the other way around. You can always hear Grace explaining about which muscles you are working on in her class. 

Grace has been teaching Pilates and barre since 2015. She uses yoga for stretching and barre for strengthening so that there is a good balance to keep the body both flexible and strong. Her barre classes are very functional. She always focuses on working muscles by muscles to give a full body workout. 

When Grace is not on her mat, she would either be busy playing with her fur baby, Chanel, or practising ballet. She uses ballet as cross-training for both her body and her mind. Like what she always tells her students – challenge yourself and learn something new every day.


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