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Hello I'm Melissa

I am a yoga instructor.

Melissa has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. It all started when Melissa attended her first yoga class in 2012. She fell in love right away with the practice as she knew it had profound impact on her. Not only great for the health of the physical body, but yoga also works wonder to calm the mind and bring positive energy. She found her passion in yoga and would love to share it by becoming a teacher. She enjoys teaching a yoga class that she always consider her teaching time as her ‘me time’.

Her teaching journey started when she joined teacher training in Indonesia in 2015. When she was 24-week pregnant in 2016, she joined Prenatal Vinyasa YTT with Jennifer More in Ubud, Bali to learn and feel how prenatal yoga can affect her pregnant body. Working out on the pregnant-posture surely made the baby in favorable position, geared her up for labour and as a bonus, she got a low-back-pain-free pregnancy. After taking a break in teaching due to her new role as a mother and moved to Singapore, she joined 200-Hr YTT in 2019 in Singapore to deepen her understanding and prepare her better for her class.

As she immersed in her practice over the years, Melissa realized that yoga is much more than just a workout. It helps her to build awareness of her body, breath and mind which she carries beyond the mat to her everyday life. Personal practice becomes inseparable from her routine as yoga also teaches her that it takes consistency and commitment to progress. Her favorite quote from a renowned yoga teacher is ‘practice and all is coming’.

For Melissa, being a yoga teacher is more than just giving cues for poses. It’s about sharing positive impact to the life of the people who join her class. It can be on the physical level which relate to their health or non physical level which relate to the peace of mind. Nothing can compare to the contentment of leading a yoga class, especially seeing the students’ relaxed and happy faces after practice.


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