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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Samantha

I am a barre instructor.

A fitness enthusiast who loves the outdoors, getting sweaty and getting fit at the same time. Samantha chases the endorphins that comes from a good workout.

Sam hung up her corporate boots in 2017 and eventually found herself in the fitness space exploring various fitness modalities. Barre instantly became an addiction when she sees herself getting stronger, feeling better and wanting to challenge herself more in each class. In that journey of self discovery, she found barre to cover all grounds suited to her needs – movements that combine the mindful stretches of Yoga, core and breathing techniques of Pilates, and the graceful (but sometimes intense!) movements of Ballet. All three aspects working harmoniously to strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. 

In Sam’s class, you will find her often pointing out the muscle groups targeted in the sequence, as she feels it is as much her responsibility to facilitate as it is to educate. She aspires her class to develop body awareness linked to movements. To her, this makes the work out more focused and intentional, and in doing so, it could hopefully help her students in their journey to achieve their own fitness goals.

Sam enjoys the the shared energy in a group class and the feeling of community with members she has come to know over time. She loves meeting new people and enjoys having a chat before and after class. So don’t be surprised if she calls out  your name and remembers your favourite corner in class!

When she is not in her plie position or pulsing in class, Sam enjoys hanging out with her family and trying out new recipes. After all, feeding her tribe healthy delicious meals is her language of love. 

Sam hopes to go back to playing netball competitively again one day. The camaraderie in team sports is what she misses most!



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