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          Yoga & Barre

Hello I'm Shayne.

I am a barre instructor.

Shayne, a vibrant spirit with a deep-rooted love for movement, illuminates every barre class she teaches with her unique blend of passion and expertise. Her journey began in the graceful world of ballet and later shared her expertise as a ballet instructor for five years. During a transformative six-month sojourn in Australia, Shayne discovered and fell head-over-heels for barre (and attended barre classes every single day). This newfound love motivated her to earn a barre certification in Sydney, enriching her approach to fitness with a blend of grace and strength.

In her classes, Shayne embodies the essence of self-care and body positivity. Her classes are not just workouts; they are empowering experiences that encourage individuals to embrace their uniqueness, move at their own rhythm, and cultivate confidence and well-being. Shayne’s approach is welcoming and inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels at home in their body and in the studio. 

Off the mat, Shayne cherishes simple pleasures like taking her dog, Kumo, to cafes, reading a good book, and drinking coffee. Her life reflects her teaching philosophy: embracing every moment with joy, authenticity, and a love for oneself. 

Join Shayne in her classes to discover how to celebrate your body and find happiness in your own, unique way!


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