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Barre Basics

Barre Basics


An introductory class focused on fundamentals, alignment, and technique. Barre Basics is designed to equip you with the foundational postures and movements of barre, and introduce you to isometric movements that will build both strength and endurance in your muscles. Expect lots of verbal cues to help you establish your desired form, and find yourself growing stronger with each and every pulse! (PS: Even if you’re a seasoned barre practitioner, it doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics once in a while!


Barre Sculpt


Energize yourself with Barre Sculpt, our intermediate class that weaves in the fundamental barre postures with a higher octane of dynamism and movement. Feel the lovely burn as you pulse through the multi-level sequence, with a myriad of options offered for you to bring your workout up or down a notch, depending on how you feel. Sculpt those muscles with this full body workout which targets your arms, thighs, glutes and core – you’ll be sure to thank us after! 

Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio


Love the barre burn but also missing the cardio rush? Give our barre cardio class a shot! Our HIIT-inspired class which combines the isometric quality of barre as well as high intensity movements, this one’s bound to get your heart rate up and pumping. What can be a more perfect combination on days when you are seeking out that adrenaline rush? Expect a sweaty session and a good burn.

Prenatal Barre

All Levels

Perfect for mommies who wish to keep active and practise barre safely under the close guidance of a prenatal trained instructor. Expect lots of modifications offered depending on your stage of pregnancy, and move in a way that strengthens your body and mind! Be ready to pulse along with fellow moms-to-be, connecting through the shared experience and magic of bringing new life.

Ballet Barre


Looking to discover your inner ballerina or reacquaint yourself with the art of ballet? Ballet Barre is designed to offer you the classical ballet experience, while training you to develop a solid technique and foundation of this art form. Expect to develop precise understanding of body placement, movements (- think tendu, developpé, jeté, etc.) and elegant coordination through short ballet sequences and music. Classes are conducted in a small and intimate group setting, providing a supportive and supervised environment for your progress. No background in dance or ballet is required.

Pilates Flow


With an intrinsic focus on core stability, Pilates Flow aims to improve your posture and body alignment by training your deep set abdominal muscles and harnessing the strength of your core. Expect to build muscle endurance as well as improve flexibility and overall balance in this class designed to challenge your boundaries while still having fun! Props such as resistance bands, hand weights and gliders may be used. Options will be given depending on your level of practice.

Barre Yin


A slower paced Barre class inspired by elements of Ballet and Yin, Barre Yin seeks to improve overall flexibility by exploring the breath with the body, finding muscle length as well as mobility in the joints. Experience the fluidity of movement paired with active deep stretches through a restorative Barre Yin practice. Suitable for those seeking to master graceful lines, add a complement to the regular barre burn, or simply unwind through an elegant sequence of flow and stretch. Props may be used in this class. No background in ballet or dance is required.

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