On Good Ground

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Yoga Basics


Build familiarity with the basics of yoga through this foundational class. Suitable for beginners as well as regular practitioners looking to refine their fundamentals in yoga, this class aims to establish a strong foundation for you to take your practice forward. Expect an introduction to sun salutations, basic poses and transitions with clear verbal cues to support your understanding and development in the practice. Modifications may be offered with blocks and a yoga strap, but not necessary. 

Vinasaya Flow

Vinyasa Flow


A multi-level vinyasa flow class that aims to connect one pose to another, paired with the rhythm of the breath. Suitable for all levels of practitioners seeking to immerse themselves in a moving meditation, with options and modifications offered to cater to the individual practice experience. This class offers a perfect opportunity to slow down, listen and breathe through motion, reconnecting mind and body. Options may be given with props, but not necessary. 

Yin Yang

Yin Yang


Experience a fusion of strengthening and softening, dynamism and ease in this yin yang class. Build up energy and strength through an active yang practice, and indulge in long and passive holds to work on the deep dense connective tissues and joints in your body. Find your balance and calibration as you enjoy the benefits of both yin & yang. Options will be given with props such as blocks, pillows and straps.   


Yoga Strength


Build total body strength in this high-energy, yoga-inspired class. Suitable for all levels of practice, this mix of dynamic movements and static holds will challenge your athletic performance in a balanced way. Great for yogis, barre enthusiasts or anyone looking for a sweat session. No props are required, though modifications may be offered using blocks, socks and a wall. 



A grounding, slow-paced and therapeutic practice that comprises of long holds in each posture, Yin is the perfect complement to a strong, movement based practice by working on releasing tension in the deeper connective tissues and fascia. Journey into the subtle body through stillness and cultivate an inner awareness of the body and the breath through this calming and meditative practice. Suitable for those seeking to improve in mobility and flexibility, or simply to slow down and unwind. Props may be used in this class.

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